Mercado do Homem (“Men’s Market”) is a platform owned and promoted by me (Joao). I’m a young Portuguese guy, marketing graduated, and a lifestyle, fashion, travel, and adventure lover.

I’ve worked with brands such as

  • Hoodland Watches;
  • Asus;
  • FIL;
  • Zaask;
  • Eurosport;
  • Trendhim;
  • Veet for Men;

Covered as Press some events such as:

  • Lisbon Fashion Week;
  • WebSummit

Attend as Speaker other events such as:

  • XXI Communication Days from Portalegre College in 2017;

In 2017 I’ve been elected as “one the blogs that reflect the man of the 21st century” in 2017 by Zaask.pt

I’m always available for collaborations, partnerships, and sponsorship. Please feel free to submit your proposal in the form below.